m. martiros

About Martiros

M.MARTIROS, (1947-Present), is a contemporary international artist, who, though classically trained and accomplished in traditional art methods, is one of a select few artists on the planet who is equally adept at playing with Realism, Painterly, Impressionism and his own special brand of mixed media that is so unique in its photo-realism, detail and dimension. In reality, M.Martiros’ art and unique technique cannot be replicated because, as M.Martiros aptly puts it: “art is freedom, [my art captures] my feelings, my victory... a feeling that a camera’s eye cannot catch – some special, subtle angle that perhaps others would not see.” 

M.Martiros’ extraordinary abilities as an artist were recognized, honored and put on exhibit at the early age of eleven. As a youth, he was trained in classical art graduating from the highest regarded universities in the Soviet Union and traveled extensively, with wanderlust, to museums throughout Europe, reveling in the works of his predecessors, who were grand masters of their craft. These masters became his teachers and inspiration. “Often [he] turns to their works [and] is amazed by their technique...stunned by their ability [to find] resolution in art.’’ Over time, through the development of knowledge and practice, he came to finding his very own style that cannot be compared with any other, leading to the birth of Marmillism: Martiros-Millenial-ism.

After a lengthy career in Tokyo, Japan, M.Martiros decided to relocate to Los Angeles, California to avoid stagnation in both style and circumstance. Now living and immersed in the diverse and colorful culture of Los Angeles, M.Martiros is transitioning from exclusive private spheres to select public galleries in America and throughout the world. 

M.Martiros’ fascination with, and deep appreciation of artists who came before him has helped him master the techniques of great artists without limiting himself to simple imitation of what came before him. Like any master in the making, M.Martiros first perfected the techniques he most admired in the masters, quite early on, then went beyond what they had accomplished to create and embody his own vision and techniques. 

M.Martiros seeks to unchain every conventional attachment to anything that would seek to contain his creativity. As an artist, he finds comfort in the uncomfortable, then strives for that discomfort once again. This discomfort defines the edginess in M.Martiros because he believes that, “comfortability results in less imaginative work.” Indeed, the imaginativeness of his work is evident by anyone who sees it. These works are new and exciting because M.Martiros does not conform to any currently existing lineage or school of thought, rather, his works provide the viewer a glimpse of the future with enough ambiguity to discover their own individual narrative within the framework of M.Martiros’ fantasy.